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B.L.A.D.E. is the culmination of Mr. Bailie’s years of State and Federal Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics and Martial Arts training into a single learning module. This block of instruction is one of many In-Service courses offered at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy for area Law Enforcement Officers. The block of instruction reinforces gross motor skill movements and familiar task transfer which enable the Officer (Professional Sheepdog) to retain the material in one’s motor memory. The end product of this type of training is that the Officer will find him or herself able to operate under duress more effectively than they did prior to the training. What makes this block of instruction “Advanced” is the mentality behind the training as well as the “Force on Force” scenarios.  The scenarios have been created for this Module by Mr. Bailie and his cadre of Adjunct Instructors based on their cumulative experiences in law enforcement training.

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