Prepare the Civilian or Professional “Sheepdog” to successfully defeat an assailant within their reactionary gap during a truly violent encounter and stressing a 360′ awareness level.   An Offensive/Preemptive striking mindset is encouraged upon assault cue. Once the imminent danger is identified, it is dealt with in the most effective & efficient manner possible, considering the situation at hand. 


The teaching platform covers a seamless approach to rounding out the Sheepdog's "Self Preservation" skill set by addressing empty hand and armed combatives, firearms as well as first aid. Our compressed curriculum is for those Sheepdogs who have a "short fuse" training time-frame, is SIMPLE, DIRECT and EFFECTIVE.  The programs do adhere to a Force Continuum where students have the choice to restrain, injure, maim, or terminate the threat depending on the tactical scenario. 

Sheepdog Cadre


The Sheepdog Cadre is composed of vetted professionals both current and/or prior First Responders (law enforcement, military and fire/rescue personnel) along with accomplished and distinguished martial art Instructors and practitioners. Since 2008, we have a proven track record and past performance in delivering to our client(s) an exceptional training experience at a reasonable cost. We continue to receive documented positive feedback from seasoned Veteran Officers and the like.


About John Bailie


Mr. Bailie recently returned to the Western New York area after a very rewarding career as a Criminal Investigator within the Federal and Local Law Enforcement Community. 

After his stint in NYC, Mr. Bailie was recruited by the Intelligence community. They selected him among a highly competitive candidate pool to attend the highly coveted training program known years ago as the Protective Operations Cadre,  today it is known as the Global Response Staff. Specialized training opportunities and recognition for his knowledge, physical skills, abilities, and dedication to the trade-craft continued in the years ahead.


Mr. Bailie was selected to attend various specialized defensive tactics and weapon courses over his law enforcement career. These specialized courses included but were not limited to such topics as Mental Preparation for Armed Encounters taught by the B.A.T.F., Officer Safety & Survival Tactics at F.L.E.T.C., Clandestine Laboratory Investigations, Street Crimes, Dignitary Protection, Motorcade Operations & Counter Surveillance, Undercover Operation courses and the like on both the Federal and local level. 


Mr. Bailie is especially proud of being the only local law enforcement instructor to be chosen to attend and graduate from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Defensive Tactics Instructor Course in Quantico, VA. He was given the time to teach a block of instruction to fellow Agents on “the Big Guns” within the Close Quarter Combatives section of the week-long training.    Mr. Bailie demonstrated and explained utilizing such strikes as Headbutts, Knees, and Elbows to shut down your assailant in a timely fashion.


Over his law enforcement career, Mr. Bailie has had the opportunity to attend “The Bulletproof Mind: Mental Preparation for Combat“ lecture/presentation by (Ret.) Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Who is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and lecturer who is one of the world's foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.  Lt. Col. Grossman is truly an inspiration to all Professional and Civilian Sheepdogs alike.


Since 2008 Mr. Bailie and "the Sheepdog Cadre", have been teaching at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy as Subject Matter Expert(s) in Defensive Tactics and Officer Safety & Survival Tactics.